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Remember when you were little and if you were ‘good’ you got some sweets and treats.

If you’re anything like me it makes you feel like a million dollars doesn’t it?

Gosh what an exciting treat sweets are.

I remember going to the shop with my mum and pick out all my favourites in a mix and not even waiting until I was out of the shop before digging into the bag to start scoffing my treats.

I had been good and this was my reward.

Sadly, going to the shop to choose is something that we see less and less of because all those old corner shops are closing down.

Fortunately you can get your pick and mix tasty sweets online these days and even though you cannot ‘feast your eyes’ before you buy you can pick out all your favourite sweets and have them delivered.

Many online places that sell sweets can do your pick and mix but I personally find a lot of them very confusing.

There is one I recommend however and it will allow you to choose the mix you want. Pick all of your favourites and you can have up to 10 scoops of different sweets.

It is very easy and you get a whopping big 1kg bag of sweets with speedy delivery straight to your door. Get a huge bag of sweets pick and mix sweets

Leave all your woes and troubles behind for a few moments while you enjoy some tasty treats, after all you have been ‘good’ right? Go ahead and enjoy.

You probably don’t know this, but, I used to make sweets in a proper factory.

I used to make toffee mainly but also peanut brittle, sugar mice, sugar dummies, coconut ice, sherbet, sherbet pips, rainbow crystals plus many other treats.

The factory also made chocolate limes, everton mints, army and navy, cough mixture, aniseed twist, mint humbugs (my toffee would go in the middle), menthol and eucalyptus, barley sugar, lemon sherbet (my sherbet would go in the middle), rhubarb and custard, strawberry creams.

I can tell you how they colour and flavour the sugar mix which looks a bit like dough.

When the sugar comes out of the boiler it’s very runny, and we needed iron bars to stop it from dripping over the edges of the table.

The table was cast iron and was hollow in the middle to allow water to flow through (thereby cooling it).

Once you have the sugar on the table, you can start to colour it and flavour it.

If say for instance the final sweet has stripes on it, you would cut away about 1/3 of the mix and either colour it differently or perhaps put it onto a pulling machine which would stretch it out and this changes it’s texture and colour.

Then when they lay up the sweet the bulk is the base colour and it’s kneaded into shape, usually a rectangle about 500 x 400 mm, then on one side you would roll out into long rolls the stripe component, wet the base where the stripe is to go and it would stick.

You then turn the whole thing over and roll it up so it looks like a giant sweet.

The whole thing is still very hot and pliable.

You load it into a set of rollers that are tapered down and you tease and push the sugar down until it’s about the same thickness as a sausage.

at that point it can be fed into a rotating die which stamps out the shape the final sweet has to be. It then travels up a conveyor blowing air on the forms to cool them, before they are collected at the end.

Then depending on the type they would be either wrapped or loosely filled into jars ready for shipping to shops.

Most of that is for hard candy. which can be used in your pick and mix sweets if you like those.

Whatever you choose for your sweets and treats you can be sure the very best care and attention has gone into getting them to you in prime condition.